Discover the Exciting World of Online Baking Classes with Lily Vanilli and Milkbar

Baking has taken the world by storm, emerging as a popular pastime that’s hard to miss on your social media feeds. From tantalizing bread loaves to decadent cakes, it seems like everyone is channeling their inner pastry chef these days.

But how did they all become baking virtuosos seemingly overnight? The secret may just lie in the realm of online cooking classes, which have become a go-to resource for self tough bakers and aspiring chefs alike. They’re convenient, budget-friendly, perfect for family bonding, and best of all, you can attend them in your comfiest attire. Plus, they make an ideal last-minute holiday gift for the cooking enthusiasts in your life who are hungry for more culinary expertise.

Photo courtesy: Milkbar

Embark on a culinary adventure and dive into the world of baking with a myriad of classes and courses at your fingertips. From renowned celebrity chefs to creative YouTube bakers and a variety of niche options, there’s no limit to the resources available to hone your baking skills and expand your culinary horizons. Whether you’re new to baking oreager to learn the essentials or a seasoned pro looking to master new techniques, these diverse offerings promise to inspire and elevate your baking journey.


If you’re looking to create your own bite-sized desserts and explore your creativity in the kitchen, Milbar’s “SNACKABLE BAKING: DESIGN YOUR OWN BITE-SIZED DESSERTS” online class is the perfect choice. Founded by Christina Tosi, this 30-day course delves into the world of snackable desserts, including cake truffles, cookie snaps, and cups. Ideal for developing your pastry chef skills, this class focuses on creative thinking and recipe development, allowing you to mix ingredients and craft your own unique creations. With detailed recipe deconstruction and creation how-tos, as well as three classic Milbar recipes included, this class is a fantastic opportunity to elevate your baking game.

Embark on a delicious journey of learning and discovery with these top-notch online baking classes from Lily Vanilli and Milbar. Whether you’re passionate about perfecting your decorating skills or eager to unleash your creativity in the kitchen, these classes are sure to inspire and delight.


Lily Vanilli, known as the Queen of baked goods and a highly sought-after artisan baker, brings her expertise directly to you with her online classes. For those unable to attend her in-person classes at her London-based bakery, the Lily Vanilli Academy offers a range of courses starting from as little as £6.00. The “Icing on the Cake Package” is a must for any aspiring baker looking to enhance their decorating skills and boost their confidence in the kitchen.

This ultimate cake decorating course covers everything from mastering equipment and stacking to filling, icing, piping fabulous designs, and learning six new cake styles along with dozens of piping techniques. Additionally, the course includes exclusive cake and buttercream recipes.