New York’s most famous and delicious chocolate chip cookies

There’s nothing like a cookie fresh out of the oven. Whether you want a cookie that is crispy, chewy, underbaked or a little burnt at the edges, massive or mini, New York’s got a bakery for you. I’ve rounded up my top 5 favorite chocolate chip cookies in the city that will make your sweet dreams come true. You should try them all.

LEVAIN BAKERY  | 351 Amsterdam Avenue

Levain Bakery offers about 5 different flavors of cookies, but the famous 6-ounce chocolate chip walnut cookie is the way to go. The soft, chewy and warm center is slightly undercooked. They are what other cookies dream of being. Levain recently opened their 6th location in Noho.

INSOMNIA COOKIES | 116 MacDougal Street

A late-night cookie go-to delivering right to your doorstep until 1 AM (either individually or in big boxes). Insomnia Cookies owns several locations across the city and is famous for their many cookie varieties such as snickerdoodles, M&M, oatmeal-raisin or double chocolate chocolate chip. Their cookies are incredibly soft and warm as they break apart on every part. 

MAMAN | 22 W 25th Street

This small French café chain in the city with only 6 locations, definitely serves one of the best cookies in town. Maman’s nutty chocolate chip cookies are baked fresh daily, perfectly golden from the outside and are loved by none other than Oprah Winfrey. “Don’t disrespect Oprah. Eat a chocolate chip cookie”.

CHIP CITY | 298 Bleecker Street

Another decadent cookie shop located in the heart of West Village. The fist size cookies are stuffed with gooey fillings, changing on a daily basis. They are dense, super-sweet, filled with tiny chocolate chips and should be eaten warm after a fifteen second spin in the microwave if not eaten right away.


Definitely not your traditional cookie. The famous cookie shot, created by French pastry French Dominique Ansel, is a moist, soft chocolate chip cookie shaped as a shot glass served