Well Saved Finds: My favorite tips on how to save big

I love sharing my shopping finds and take pride in my purchases, always eager to disclose where I got them and the great deals I scored. It brings me joy to spread the knowledge and help others discover amazing products at affordable prices.

Explore my curated selection of budget-friendly finds and uncover exceptional deals.

TIP #1 : Shopbop Final Sale

Love Shopbop, but hate final sale? If you stumble upon an amazing deal on Shopbop that is marked as final sale, but you’re hesitant to commit, try searching for the same item on Amazon.

In many cases, you’ll find that Amazon offers the exact product at the same low price, but with the added advantage of a returnable policy.

While not every item on Shopbop is available on Amazon, I have noticed that a significant majority of them are, given that both platforms are owned by the same company and the inventory is typically mirrored.

Shopbop offers the same item at a final sale price with no return option, while Amazon provides the same item with a free return option.

TIP #2 : Wishupon App

Keeping track of everything you want to purchase can be quite a hassle. I find myself taking screenshots, copying and pasting URLs, and saving them in different notes and photo albums.

However, there is a solution to this predicament – WISHUPON. This remarkable app serves as a universal shopping wishlist platform, allowing you to effortlessly create and share wishlists from all your favorite online stores, all in one place.

When the price drops on your saved items, the app sends a convenient notification directly to your phone.

WISHUPON offers the option to create collections within the app. This means you can categorize your wishlists based on specific themes or occasions, such as a birthday wishlist, Christmas shopping list, or even a home decor collection.

Additionally, sharing your wishlists with friends and family is a breeze, as you can easily send them via WhatsApp, social media platforms, or email.